Creating Successful Twitter Chats

24th June 2011

If you log on to Twitter at any time you can find thousands of chats with new ones being developed every minute.  Chats form so anyone can follow a conversation about a variety of subjects; chats will be formed around a love for an activity, a feeling, a celebrity scandal, or anything else you can think of.  Why set up a chat?  It is a free and easy way to talk to your consumers, network, and learn about new developments in your industry.

To get the most out of your Twitter chats check out these tips from Mashable:

Be Clear About Your Goals Going Into the Chat

Some say there are already too many Twitter chats. How does creating a new one (as opposed to joining existing ones) help you or your company? When I spoke to creators of successful chats like #wjchat, #blogchat, #smmeasure and #u30pro, they pointed out some powerful benefits of doing it right. For a company, it can position you as a thought leader and grow brand awareness. For an individual it can help you meet people in your industry and grow your personal brand.

Choose a Topic People Care About

How do you know if people care about your chat? They should already be discussing it informally. “It’s better to build a twitter chat around a topic of interest that’s directly related to your brand,” says David Spinks, creator of #u30pro, a Twitter chat for young professionals. “In the end, the participants will still relate the chat back to your brand because you’re the one organizing it.

Be Authentic

“The key to true reach and success is being authentic,” says Robert Hernandez, founder of #wjchat. “#wjchat is something organic and represents a passion shared by others. … If you have a topic you are passionate about, there may be others that are looking to connect with you.” Don’t do it just because you think you’re supposed to. Do it if you are genuinely looking for a way to engage and communicate with a community. Use that passion to stick with the chat when it starts out slow. Spinks says #u30pro’s first chat only had seven people and 150 tweets. Today, their typical chat includes 150 people and 1,200 tweets. Keep engaging and the right people and community should find you.

Bring In Thought Leaders

Don’t be afraid to get others involved, whether you need a partner to develop and plan the chat (#u30pro is operated by a team of four), or great guest “speakers” to help bring in audience. Twitter chats are successful because of the people in them. Do what you can to get great people involved, especially when you’re just starting.

Thank People Who Participate

If people take the time to engage with your chat, take a moment to thank them individually or in the chat itself. Collier has found huge success by following this strategy. “These are your rock stars, and you need to treat them as such,” he said. “That will simply give them more incentive to spread the word, and help you grow your community.”

Bottom Line: Keep your chats fun and interesting to the audience.  Do you have any tips or thoughts about Twitter chats?  If you need any more tips or assistance we would be happy to help!


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