Log Into Facebook or Twitter…Without a Password

4th August 2011

Have you ever seen the movie Minority Report? I’m not a a science lover, but I do love the occasional tech-heavy sci-fi movie, and Minority Report (2002) definitely delivered. Set in the year 2054, shoppers can pay for purchases and are even served ads with a simple scan of their eye’s retina!

In a classic instance of life imitating art, imitating life a company called the Hoyos Group has developed a device that unlocks your web accounts using your eyes, without you having to ever type in the password! The makers say using Eyelock is easy:

The way to use it is also very easy, simply by connecting Eyelock to your computer through USB connection. Then, you choose the websites or applications on your computer to be protected. For an example your Facebook account, to enter your account you wont have to fill in the username and password column aymore.

By using EyeLock from Hoyos Group you simply aim your eye towards the Eyelock sensor. The device then will recognize your retinas characteristic, then will generate a special password to be filled automatically to the account column on your Facebook. So each time you open your Facebook account, you just simply look into the Eyelock sensor, and your account will open automatically.

However, relating to the security issues for this hardware, one of the company officials based in America, Tracy Hoyos, mentioned that the security made by Eyelock is not easy to hack. This device costs US$ 99 dollars is considered unique, besides able to change an input from the retina sensor into a new password, the device can also combine letters and numbers into the password.

What do you think? Is it creepy? Or is it like the rest of the technology we see in the movies — ahead of it’s time?

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